Payment Plans

We understand that often the treatment we advise can sometimes be costly and also because of the current pandemic often the cost of treatment can force our patients to make compromised decisions.

The confidence boosting effect of treatments such as Invisalign, teeth straightening, smile make-overs, fixed braces and dental implants are hard to ignore, but for some of us, the cost involved can be a restricting issue.

So we want to help make these treatments more accessible to you by giving you options which make paying for your treatment more digestible.

What are the different options for paying?

We provide four options to pay for your dental treatment, with what we call “Four Ways To Pay”

  1. 0% Interest Free Loan for upto 12 months
  2. Interest Bearing Loan
    You can pay over 18,24,36 or 48 months, depending on the value of monthly payments you can afford to make. The interest rate is variable depending upon individual treatments and circumstances.
  3. Pay as you go
    With this option, you pay for your treatment as you go along, and so have the ability to dictate how and when your treatment is done to cater for affordability
  4. Pay everything upfront
    If you use this method for orthodontic and dental implant treatments you can benefit from various special discount offers.

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